Organizational-level development

Organizational diagnosis

We give the owner / manager the opportunity to see their company from a perspective that they have no prospect of from their position.

Each project begins with a diagnostic phase that identifies areas of intervention.

Restructuring the organizational structure

We help to develop the organizational structure that supports business strategy the most.

We identify and develop the most necessary but missing functions for the growth phase of a company (e.g. an organization with hundreds of employees may need controlling or internal control area).

Improving internal communication

Interviews and questionnaires are used to assess internal communication / communication styles of managers, system-level communication elements (e.g. newspaper, idea box), company characteristics (e.g. employee generation channels).

We examine other companies' best practices, and realize what can be implemented in the company.

Collaboration development

We identify stress points, explore their background (e.g. personal conflicts, process or commission conflicts of interest).

In order to develop better cooperation, we organize a workshop where we resolve the conflicts together.

Introduction of processes and systems

Establishment of job classification system

In those smaller (family) enterprises or start-ups, where the owner provided almost all central functions, at a certain phase of the growth, functions need to be separated

Taking into account the present competencies we shape the future functions – roles and responsibilities together with the owners and leaders

Job classification, wage structure development

Evaluating jobs and putting them into hierarchy not only make the inner structure of the company clear, but create a transparent structure, that is appropriate for forming wage structure and career paths

Establishment of a performance management system

We give assistance in creating measurable metrics for each job, and therefore the performance of the employees is managed easier

We develop a performance appraisal company process and leadership ability for giving feedback

Bonus scheme design, commission system redesign

Review of existing bonus system in keeping with process, motivational and strategical aspects

Develop new bonus/ commission system, which motivates employees for higher performance

Enterprise Telework Introduction

We set the rules for introducing telework (which jobs are suitable and with what kind of conditions)

We support the executives/ managers and the employees to introduce telework:

    • the leaders to be able to manage the performance of the employees (manager awareness-raising workshops)
    • the employees to be able to work efficiently form home and to dare live with the opportunity of working from home

Development of HR unit

HR audit

We examine the company’s HR-related activities

Adapted to company size and market environment, we assess which HR areas are missing and need to be developed

We suggest development orientation and timing with focusing on quick results

Development of HR organization

Developing the HR area to meet the requirements of owners, managers and employees.

Assisting in the selection of future HR staff.

HR staff development

The changed labor market environment also requires performing new types of HR activities, that did not exist or did exist in the past, but will be required at a higher level in the future (e.g. employer brand building, internal communication, training development).

We can develop the HR team individually or in groups to perform new tasks.