Organizational-level development

We combine BIG4-trained business consulting with the HR profession to provide HR solutions to business problems.

Organizational diagnosis

Each project begins with a diagnostic phase that identifies areas of intervention.

Supporting strategy making

We support strategy making of business units

We facilitate workshops involving top and middle-management.

Objective: to create your own line-of-business strategy from a higher corporate strategy.

Restructuring the organizational structure

We help to plan the organizational structure that supports the corporate’s strategy the most.

Objective: the new organizational structure fits the corporate characteristics and the employees

Better cooperation

We identify stress points between different units (e.g. personal conflicts, process or commission conflicts of interest).

In order to develop better cooperation, we organize and facilitate a workshop where we resolve the conflicts together.

Process- and system-level development

Many years of experience in BPI consultancy at BIG4, many years of experience at SSC, and a strong practical knowledge of the HR profession make us able to support the development and the implementation of new processes or systems on a high level:

Process introduction support

Before a new process or system is implemented, we develop a process that is “user-friendly” from both the employee and the support side, and fits with all other related processes.

Process development, process documentation

We prepare documentation for new processes, internal policies and related templates

We develop the following areas:

    • Job classification system
    • Performance management system
    • Corporate telework introduction
    • Bonus system
    • Succession management
    • Design of career paths

Development of the HR unit

With our experience on the corporate side, we can develop the “soft” and “hard” part of HR hand-in-hand. We seek on the result which is “lovable” for the HR department, business leaders and employees.

HR Audit

We assess all HR-related activities in the company.

We make suggestions for new HR functions to be introduced and HR activities to be developed.

HR strategy

We support to develop the HR organizational strategy or just a sub-area in depth (e.g. recruitment or training / development).

Objective: Strengthen the strategic role of the HR and create harmony between the needs of the business area and the services of the HR department (“In the current labor market situation all business issues have relevant parts of HR / HR is no longer an administrative function alone!” ).

HR Transformation (Transformation of the HR Organization)

We show the HR organization that can best meet new HR challenges (HR Business Partner Model, Generalist Model, HR Service).

HR Business Partner Development

We provide group training dedicated for HR team members to empower HR generalists to become strategic partners of the business.

HR support for larger corporate projects (e.g. M&A, relocation)

In a larger project, we support the HR department as an HR project manager (for example, there is always an “HR workstream” - which we lead as a “member of the HR department” in corporate acquisitions project.

Relevant if the HR team is 100% under loaded or lacking senior knowledge.

Intercession of Labor Force

With our Corporate HR experience, we search for candidates who best fit company culture both professionally and in personality. We are dedicated to provide our clients alternatives in making a position more appealing (e.g. part-time work, home-office, etc.).


By choosing the most appropriate advert channel for the searched position we mix the most modern online methods with efficient personal communication (with special regard to social media).

Executive search

We approach the possible candidates with targeted search.

Pre-selecting and writing a report describing the applicants

We deliver the pre-selecting of the best applicants on telephone.

We write a short summary on the interview impressions and the most important findings (“zero bullshit” – we focus on the main points that are not mentioned in the C.V. but can be important aspects considering the decision).

Delivering Tests, Exercises, Assessment Centers