Our Values


“Undivided attention to clients.”

We start work with surveying to get to know our client’s specific situation and problems to be solved. We map those strengths, on which development can be started.


“We follow market trends.”

We constantly monitor market developments and provide up-to-date answers to all current challenges.


“Applicable and sustainable solutions.”

We look for solutions that could be introduced and sustained for a long time. The fundamental/essential condition for a new system’s design and successful introduction is that it should be built on the employees operating it.


“We work on the relevant problems and do not provide symptomatic treatment alone.”

We think in terms of systems. If we see at the time of the order that in order to achieve the aim of the client, they need something else than what they want to order, we inform them before undertaking the project.

Transferring knowledge

“We do not give fish alone, we teach how to fish as well.”

We teach our clients how to operate, later renew the developed system, structure.

Our Approach

SMART-HR believes that a good human resources expert gives professional attention to the business and the people at the same time.

Our Story

SMART-HR was founded in 2019 spring; however, our team has been working together for years. We were the “HR department” at a big corporate. Our team of 6 has 60 years of experience all together- strategic consultancy, corporate and SME HR, leadership development in key areas. Above all, the most important cohesive bonds are the human and professional confidence, commitment to our profession and the expertise attitude. We know each other’s prime and finest knowledge.

We each has climbed the career ladder of HR and consultant professions.
We know HR from inside out, we were HR Interns, HR Generalists, HR Business Partners or HR Managers.

Besides our professional dedication, what keeps us together is that we are all women, we have families and we are friends.

It is important to us to be able to support others with our professional experience. We would like to be a consultant agency, whose members are happy to give advice and discuss over a cup of coffee.

Our team